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About me

My name is David Shaw, and I am a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I work primarily in Renfrewshire and provide online therapy and face-to-face sessions.  


​I provide counseling specifically designed to support you to adjust and cope with life changes. I work in collaboration with you by helping you overcome anxiety, stress, grief, and depression. I am trained in compassion-focused therapy and integrate this approach into my practice.


Each individual has unique experiences, perspectives, and personal signature strengths. I pay close attention to understanding your specific life situation to enable us to forge a therapeutic alliance to set you off on your journey toward your goals.

My therapy & counselling specialties 

Each individual has their own unique perspectives on their life experience and difficulties. I work in collaboration with you to develop a therapeutic relationship.

I incorporate a range of creative approaches into the therapeutic work we will do together. This could include artistic exercises like drawing, using music, and creative writing. I also get a sense of your learning style to shape our sessions and make use of video resources poetry, recommend books websites, and other useful tools and articles on a wide range of subjects.          

We work holistically to help you develop deeper self-awareness and a set of skills to navigate through challenging situations to improve interpersonal skills and self-compassion.  

This approach helps us to develop an awareness and understanding of how you can use your signature strengths. We work in partnership to identify and learn coping strategies and look at ways to apply these skills in everyday situations.

Compassion Focused Therapy

We can define compassion as “A sensitivity to suffering in self and others with a commitment to try and alleviate and prevent it”


This therapeutic approach has at core the awareness of a need to nurture a caring kind and compassionate way to alleviate suffering in ourselves. Compassionate mind training helps you to treat yourself with kindness and change self-critical thinking, enabling you to cultivate empathy towards yourself.


Self-criticism is one of the barriers to living a contented, creative life connected to other through deeper self-awareness and acceptance.


I will support you to develop mindfulness practices based on this approach which can help you develop the qualities to improve your emotional wellbeing, self-beliefs, and help strengthen connections with others in your life.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive behaviour Therapy (CBT) uses a wide range of tools to help you develop an understanding of how to manage difficult thoughts, emotions and challenging situations.


Change involves looking at situations differently and in shifting our perspective we are able to then modify our behaviour accordingly. We can learn to manage our emotions by understanding how our emotions increase and decrease according to the situation and how we feel about our ability to cope.

We will use a wide range of creative exercises along with videos, information packages, and useful websites which will help you build a toolbox of useful skills and self-awareness.

Walk and Talk

A wealth of research has demonstrated the benefits of outdoor activities as part of an overall approach to improved mental and emotional health. We also know that psychical exercise helps in moderating our emotions and improving mood.


I offer 1 hour or 90 Minute walking sessions in the local Renfrewshire area where we can share the experience of walking in the countryside and discuss issues that are important to you.


While this is not formal counselling, it does provide a way to enjoy being around nature and establish different ways to enhance your wellbeing. From my experience people find the open spaces beneficial in opening up and thinking of solutions to problems in a creative way.


Walks will be guided and mapped out to ensure safety and take account of mobility, health and weather conditions.

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